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My first book

Its been an amazing year, finished two summer of codes, got out of college, got voted as a committer at Apache Mahout, landed a job at Google. Meanwhile, I got an opportunity to write a book about Mahout. Its called Mahout in Action and its available here. Related No related posts.

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Mahout logo: And all that Jazz!

Posted by Robin Anil | Posted in mahout | Posted on 16-03-2010


Mahout is growing at a steady pace. We have new committers, plenty of contributions in terms of patches and we are ready to release 0.3 version. It took us almost 6 months to reach here and it is not going to stop here. Lukáš Vlček was the creator of our logo with the cute little elephant. Couple of days ago, I felt utterly bored of writing chapters for the book and wanted to unleash my creativity. I pinged Lukáš and asked him permission to go wild on the logo. After a day of vector drawing and shading and curvifying fonts and using one of Lukáš’ humanoid caricature, I ended up with a jazzed up version of the logo.
I wasn’t really sure what colors to use and where. So I went to the mahout community and asked them to give inputs. We discussed pros and cons of each color, each shape, each element in the logo. Finally with approval from the Mahout committers, the new Mahout logo is voted in and here it is. Hope you like it too.

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