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My first book

Its been an amazing year, finished two summer of codes, got out of college, got voted as a committer at Apache Mahout, landed a job at Google. Meanwhile, I got an opportunity to write a book about Mahout. Its called Mahout in Action and its available here.

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Google Summer of Code 2010 @ Mahout

Posted by Robin Anil | Posted in gsoc, mahout | Posted on 20-03-2010


Its a new year and a new Google Summer of Code. I would be mentoring this year at Mahout along with Grant and Ted. If you are a student interested in participating, this is what you should do:

  1. Instead of a wiki like last year this year we are putting up ideas and proposals as JIRA issues here. If you are looking for ideas for your proposal take a look at the JIRA link and explore things which you want to implement. If you have an idea of your own proceed to step 2
  2. Once you have identified a topic or an algorithm, post on the Mahout mailing list and discuss it with the rest of the committers.
  3. Once you finalize your proposal, go and apply through the GSOC website

I would urge you guys to stick to the mahout mailing list to discuss anything related to GSOC and not mail just the mentors directly. There is a whole bunch of great developers on the list ready to give you awesome feedback. Please make sure your proposal is well balanced in terms of timelines and targets. Don’t say you would implement the Linux kernel in 2 months :). There are plenty of guides available online on how to make a good GSOC proposal.

For many of you this would be a first time experience working in open-source, and might find it intimidating(I did feel that when I first joined). That feeling will disappear in a couple of weeks and you mingle with the community and take part in healthy discussions. So focus on getting the proposal right

Happy Summer of Coding

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